How Long Does Verification For Coinbase Take

How long does ID verification take? : CoinBase – Reddit – Basically just the title. Just a general ballpark estimate. And also is there another step after ID verification like proof of address or something?

My account was verified 4 months ago, but for some reason it's asking me to verify again. After submitting my documents, it's been spinning for…

– How long does ID verification take? : CoinBase – reddit*finally* was able to upload my documents today, but for the last 3 hours my account has said "We're verifying your identity. please wait a couple…

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Jan 19, 2018 … The 'identity verification' section can be found under 'Settings' in the app; Make sure the app or program you use to take the pictures does not add any logos or watermarks; Do not … We're always working on improving our verification service and hope to support your specific situation as soon as possible.

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